Our eco-responsible commitment


It is not because we have not applied for a (expensive) label that we do not do everything we can to offer you an eco-responsible guest house that combines comfort and respect for nature.

Our impact on water:

  • Most cleaning products are homemade: laundry detergent made from Marseille soap shavings, softener with vinegar; toilet blocks, anti-limescale product, multi-use product,…

  • We wash bed linen at maximum 30° on a short program;

  • We favor a minimum of 2 nights in order to limit, among other things, our impact on water through daily laundry;

  • The soaps and shower gels made available to our guests are either homemade or environmentally friendly and are offered via a distributor;

  • We collect rainwater for watering our vegetable garden.

Our energy impact:

  • We check our consumption of water, electricity and fuel oil every month (gas not available with us);

  • Lighting is provided by low-consumption LED lamps whether indoors or outdoors;

  • The house temperature is set to Max 20° in winter;

  • The walls and roofs of the B&B are insulated;

  • 18 large photovoltaic panels cover the insulated roof of the garage to allow us to achieve high electrical autonomy;

  • Our small private house adjoining the B&B is heated with wood thanks to a high-performance stove;

  • We are labeled ""Welcome bikes"" to allow you to have a gentle mobility stay that is completely safe and comfortable.

Our impact on waste:

  • We sort all waste: paper/cardboard, plastics, glass, compost;

  • A large part of the food offered as well as the cleaning products are ""homemade"", which in itself contributes to a drastic reduction in waste.

Our impact on biodiversity:

  • Garden maintenance is done using ecological or environmentally friendly products;

  • We planted several fruit trees or shrubs in the garden and installed bird nesting boxes, wood piles, hedges to promote biodiversity;

  • We work our garden and vegetable patch according to the permaculture model (use of straw to reduce watering and limit the formation of weeds, grelinette to aerate the earth while preserving the sub-layers, use of mowing waste, leaves, etc. for compost or limit weeds, etc.);

  • The compost formed is used to fertilize the vegetable garden and plantations;

  • Two embankment areas at the bottom of the garden are left to nature and mowed/mowed once a year. A flowered meadow area (which will expand from year to year) has been created to attract useful species and auxiliary insects.

Our impact on sustainable development:

  • All furniture and decorative objects (with the exception of bedding) were found in flea markets or second-hand stores or were made by us from recovered parts;

  • We favor local production or those with the lowest impact on the environment;

  • Our breakfast is composed of homemade products (bread, yogurts, jams, tarts, etc.) and local and regional products;

Our societal impact

  • We assure our guests that they will all be welcomed without any form of discrimination linked to social status, nationality, origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation;

  • We are effective members of a joint purchasing group (GAC);

  • We favor barter;

  • We do not hesitate to give the surplus of our vegetable harvests to our hosts, neighbors or friends.